did not anticipate a panic attack induced by a bath today? back hurt so bad so naturally i thought ah yes warm bath what a great solution,,, nope, sword slash to the chest you die instantly apparently. shoutout to friend and also bob dylan for saving my ass.


alas my back still hurts with like, an unreasonable amount of pain. but its ok im watching the saw movie for the first time and im about to eat a potato so i will make it through. hopefully i magically wake up tomorrow and my pain is gone (please please please please please please).


why do i always have a fucking headache? just want to lie down but i shouldn't because my back is still bad why why why why why why why why does?


went to the beach at night yesterday with friends and, PBIOLUMINESCENT ALGAE! the world is beatiful:)


enrolled in my university classes for this coming year (my 1st year),!!! feels like things are happening in my life that im genuinely excited about. new job and its ok, busy which is how i like to be. overall i am feeling good! trying to make a conscious journal effort in times like these to remove mynegativity bias lol,,, i am having a good time and i am excited for the future let it be known!!!


talked to two old nerdy guys with a telescope after work today! both of them were very cool they showed me jupiter and its moons and told me about the moon activity of late :3


why do i have to be having a crisis about my degree path rn lol. worried that i only make stupid decisions. if i changed this major would the feeling go away or would i be dissapointed in myself???? idk i guess we will see if the crisis is just for today or whether i keep feeling it